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Lines open for and calls tonight. Are you ready for your Goddess?

I’m beside myself. Jean Paul fashion show: Gothic, androgynous, feminine, glam, minimalist.

#Oakland #sunset

My lines are open on tonight. It’s time we do your makeup, sweet sissy!

Pink Floyd in visual…

Feelin it… #PinkFloyd #ShineOnYouCrazyDiamond

Just heard a Journey song. A scene w/ 70’s/80’s soft rock playing could be cool…put your damn OPEN ARMS on my ST ANDREWS CROSS!!!

Lines open on  tonight. In the mood for ? Funny, so am I!

Sunset in #Oakland. It looks like rainbow sherbet. #pretty


It’s like a John Waters movie in my kitsch inn tonight!

Hanging out with my pal missbettierage tonight. Love my fellow domestic Dommes ;)

I’m in HEAVEN. @missbettierage made homemade pumpkin pop tarts for us! #domesticdiva #kinkykitchen #retrowoman

#hammock time = relaxation
FYI…#stripper parking only.

Last night’s party in San Francisco was such a fun time! Foot fetishists are so passionate!

Something fun for a day ending in the letter “Y”…

Something fun for a day ending in the letter “Y”…

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